Session Preparation

How to Dress Well for your Outdoor or Studio Photoshoot

So, you have booked your shoot with me, these pictures will be important memories, moments of your life frozen in a stunning images forever and perhaps on the wall for all to see, you want to look great, and so panic sets in. What do we wear?

This is important, for many reasons, what we wear can effect the way we look and feel, but also flatter your figure, skin tones, hair, and co-ordinate with your home, or the season. Its a complicated business.

So I have done lots of research and found some great resources, some of which I will share here to help you here.


Whatever colour pallet you prefer, sticking to a small selection will help your images to stay nice simple effective and tidy, too many busy colours will draw the eye away from the main focus of the image, you or your family


Number 1 rule in my books is logos, they really stand out in pictures, so avoid at all costs, patterns can work sometimes, but keep it minimal so no more than 1 member of the family in the shot wearing a pattern and keep the pattern fairly neutral (e.g No character tops for kiddies)

Type of Clothing

We all have our body hang ups, some more than others, but I find that covering the tops of your arms always a good idea, keep trousers darker than tops, and personally I love bare feet, but if you must wear socks plain and dark is better. Don’t pick very loose fitting clothes, as these will hide any curves you have, also avoid anything that will show multiple straps as this can look untidy

The Seasons

The time of the year will have a bearing on what you wear, Autumn and Winter you want to use layers, especially if we are outdoors, you want to be able to add or remove layers easily, also this will give you options of more than one look. Also the colours for Autumn and Winter are typically darker than those in Spring or Summer.

Where Will the Images Hang?

What colour theme do you have at home, what will look good on those walls, think about your curtains and carpets too.

„People feel good in front of the camera only when you learn to help them feel comfortable being there! It is about infusing them with your passion and educating them about the how much they will enjoy the process.” ― David Beckstead

Aneta WojcikPhotographer