Newborn Questions & Answers

Where are the Newborn sessions shot?

These are shot in my custom built studio.

Where are you located?

My studio is in Weymouth DT49DN

I want to book a newborn session when is the best time?

It is never too early to book your newborn session an ideal time is around the time of your 20 week scan to make sure that both you and baby are healthy. I book mothers to be in by their due dates, making sure a session is available a couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks afterwards, then I wait till I hear from you to say that baby is here safe and sound and we can get a firm booking in place.

What to expect from a newborn session

The session is 3 hours (more or less), This allows plenty of time to feed, settle and change. not all babies take this time and im not taking pictures for all this time but it allows lots of time for food and cuddles should baby need it, I provide drinks and refreshments, I even have nappies and wipes to hand.

What if I have my newborn and want to book a session?

If you do come across my site after baby has arrived if you get in contact asap i will try my best to schedule a session for you.After 2 weeks it is sometime quite difficult to get baby into those curly poses and they are more awake and alert, so please do try to get in touch with me the earlier the better.

What if my baby is too unsettled and you don’t get any good pictures?

During the session I will be using a white noise app which is similar to the noises from inside a womb and warming the studio to replicate the feeling of the womb, and most of the time this helps with settling. If it is the case your baby is very unsettled then we can try and reschedule session for another day but this hardly ever happens. Most newborns tend to sleep 24/7 so please don’t worry in advance.

What if something happen and I need to cancel a shoot?

With my Newborns, the £25 booking fee is retained, if a newborn shoot needs to be cancelled it depends on the circumstances, if baby has been born poorly or very early, or if anything else happens the session can be downgraded, or if cancelled the full balance is refunded.

When is it best to have a maternity shoot?

Maternity sessions are best shot after 30 weeks and to ensure your session is booked for a date you want please contact me after your 20 week scan.

Can you get rid of stretch marks, spots, scars, baby rash etc?

I certainly can, I do not get rid of birthmarks and moles unless requested to.

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